Manage paper-based assessments

Setting up and using paper-based assessments (PBA) involves the following tasks and roles.

Figure 1. PBA tasks and roles
PBA tasks and roles
Table 1. Paper-based assessment tasks and roles
Task Role
1. Enable the Paperbased assessment service. System administrator
2. Create a test/survey. Assessment administrator
3. Add the test/survey to the instructor-led class. Learning administrator
4. Generate the test/survey in PDF format for the learners in the class who will take the test/survey. The test/survey is specific for each learner and includes a QR code. Instructor
5. Print the test/survey and distribute it to learners. Instructor
6. Take the test/survey on paper. Learners must fill the answer fields (circles and squares) in the paper. The application does not recognize the tick marks. Learner
7. Collect the test/survey papers and scan them. Instructor
8. Upload the scanned papers. The application processes the scanned papers. Instructor
9. Review the automated scanned results, make corrections if needed, and submit the results.
Note: This step is not needed if the setting Automatic approval of scanned results is enabled.
The application computes the test/survey results and calculate the score for the test/survey.
Note: Paper-based assessment of surveys is not supported for:
  • Anonymous Survey
  • Manager Evaluation
In this section, you will learn about the following topics:
  • Configure paper-based assessments
  • Question types supported by paper-based assessments
  • Instructor tasks for paper-based assessments
  • Download question papers for a paper-based assessment
  • Upload answer papers of learners
  • Review and submit the results of a paper-based assessment
  • Enter answers manually for a paper-based assessment