Udemy Business

The Udemy Business (UB) connector provides a simple way to integrate with Cornerstone SBX. With this connector, you can synchronize Udemy Business courses and completions into SBX. The connector provides extensive configurability and ability to filter courses.


  1. Udemy Business subscription
  2. Udemy Business API Keys (Client ID, Client Secret, Portal ID, Integration URL)
  3. Administrator access to your Cornerstone SBX instance
  4. A Cornerstone SBX license for the Udemy Business Connector


  1. You do not already have Udemy Business Content in Cornerstone SBX. If you do, and would like to sync it up with the connector, contact Professional Services or a Certified Partner for help.
  2. This connector only synchronizes Udemy Business courses.
  3. To sync completions make sure: Cornerstone SBX Email = Udemy Email for your users.

Configuration steps

  1. Setup SAML SSO between your Identity Provider and Udemy for Business
  2. Create prerequisite data
  3. Create an Account on Marketplace card
  4. Configure Mapping
  5. Configure Schedule
  6. Monitor and test
  7. Configure Content Completion

SAML SSO setup for Udemy for Business

If you have not already done so, configure SAML SSO between your IdP (Ping, Okta, ADFS, and so on) and Udemy Business. If you have any questions setting up SAML SSO, contact your Udemy for Business Customer Success Manager.

Create prerequisite data

  • Player Template:
    • Udemy for Business courses can be run in any content player with New Window mode. If you prefer to create a special content player for Udemy for Business, you should do so now.
  • Course Description
    • To increase the maximum length of the course description to 5000 characters:
      1. Go to System Admin > Configure System
      2. Search for Offering Template.
      3. Click on the Course link.
      4. Select the Attributes Tab.
      5. Click on Description. Change the size to 5000.
      6. Click Save.

Create an Account

  1. Login to your instance as a System Admin or a Learning Admin having access to the New Marketplace.
  2. Go to Admin > New Marketplace and search for Udemy Business.
Figure 1. Udemy Business tile
  1. Click on the Setup link . If you see the View button, this means your activation key for the connector has not been setup. Please reach out to your Account Manager.
  2. Click on Create Account.
  3. Enter the fields in the Connector as described in the table below and click Save. Currently, you can only create one Account.
Figure 2. Create an Account - Udemy specific configuration fields
Figure 3. Create an account - SBX specific configuration fields
Table 1. Udemy for Business Connector card fields
Field Name Description
Configuration fields for Udemy
Integration URL URL to the Udemy Business subscription site. For example: https://customer.udemy.com
Portal ID Udemy Business Portal ID (your unique Udemy for Business organization ID). Example: 12345
Client ID Udemy Business Client ID. You will receive this from Udemy when you request the Udemy Business API Keys.
Client Secret Udemy Business Client Secret. You will receive this from Udemy when you request for Udemy Business API Keys. The Client Secret field is encrypted and show as **** in the interface. The same value is also encrypted within the system.
Table 2. Connector card fields - Cornerstone SBX side
Field Name Description
xAPI Client ID Client ID generated by Cornerstone SBX that a user must set in their Udemy account for learning completions.
xAPI Client Secret The Secret generated by Cornerstone SBX that a user must set in their Udemy account for learning completions.
Profile Identifier

Field used to identify learner in SBX. EMAIL ID.

Import Domain Domain that needs to be set for the Udemy content that will be synced.
Course Owner (Username) Provide a Cornerstone SBX username. The user name provided will be set as owner on contents imported and WBT courses created. If Create WBT option is enabled, it's mandatory to enter a valid Cornerstone SBX username. Otherwise, create WBT step will fail.
Content Folder The folder name in the content repository to which the Udemy content will sync.
Creator for Ad hoc Transcripts The user name of the person whose account will be used for creating Ad-hoc transcripts when the learner has not registered for the corresponding course. This field is optional. If it's not provided, the learner's account will be used to create ad-hoc transcripts. In this case, learners must have privileges to add ad-hoc transcripts to their record.
Create WBT course This check box indicates whether the connector should also create a course and a class.
Note: Setting this TRUE also means that the connector will automatically update the course when the content is updated. Thus, if you plan to customize your courses outside of the connector, for example: including multiple contents into the course, your changes could be overwritten. So, if you wish to customize your courses, it is best to set this value as FALSE.
Create Registration Select if a full registration should be created and marked as complete (Create Registration = true) or if it should be created as an ad hoc transcript entry with no associated registration (Create Registration = false).
  • Please note that if you check this box, the registration is only created when the course is to be marked complete. It will not be created when just the Progressed verb is received.

Configure Mapping

Click on the Mapping tab to view the fields from Udemy and the available Cornertone SBX fields to map.

Figure 4. Mapping of Udemy fields with Cornerstone SBX fields

All the available source fields from Udemy are listed on the left panel and the corresponding SBX fields are listed on the right side.

Drag the field from the left to the right panel and it is matched to a corresponding field from the SBX side.

Learning Paths

The Learning Paths field allows learners to access Udemy Learning Paths directly from SBX. As an Admins you can import Learning Paths from Udemy as Web Based Training courses in SBX. You can also customize the mappings of the Learning Paths based on your organizational needs.

Learning path added

Note: Unlike Udemy courses, Udemy Learning Paths are not automatically marked complete in SBX by the connector. However, learners can mark the Learning paths complete in SBX (manually). If Udemy Learning paths are deleted, they won't be automatically deleted or discontinued in Cornerstone SBX.

Review the mapping for all the fields. You can change the mapping by clicking on individual fields and changing the mapping as desired. Click Save after each change. (Refer to Data Mapping Tool Help for all possible ways you can map Udemy attributes to Cornerstone SBX).

Note: To see all fields available from Cornerstone SBX, click All.
Click PUBLISH to publish the mapping. This step is mandatory. The connector will not synchronize courses without clicking Publish.
Note: If you decide not to change anything in the mapping, you must still click on any one mapping and click Save. This ensures the PUBLISH button in the Data Mapping screen becomes enabled for you to click.


Click on the Schedule tab to configure when and how frequently to run the import. You can choose Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Set the frequency of the data sync and set the time to run the import based on the Timezone settings.

When ready, click on Schedule.

Figure 5. Udemy Setup the Schedule
Note: If you wish to get unretired Udemy courses (courses that are reactivated by Udemy after being retired) in the SBX catalog, please hardcode the Available From date in the mapping configuration to 2000-01-01.

Once you have configured the schedule, you can update the course data using one of the following options based on your needs:

  • Full Sync - allows you load all active courses from Udemy.
  • Full Delta Sync - allows you to load all courses updated since the last Full sync.
  • The first scheduled run will be considered as Full Sync and subsequent runs will be delta based on the previous sync.