What's New?

Note: As per announcements made in the past, the HTML5 version is becoming the primary experience for Org Planning, therefore all default URLs are redirecting to the HTML5 version of Org Planning.

The following enhancements were added to Org Planning in this release:

Add Assistant Box style modified

Prior to this update, the reporting lines on the Assistant Branch Styles were displayed inconsistently based on the styles selected. With this update, the different Assistant Branch Styles now display in a consistent manner.

Add Assistant style updated

Export to Excel updates

When you export your data to an Excel format from the List view, the fields now by default display in the same sort order as the columns in the List view. If you rearrange the fields in the 'Export to Excel' popup, you can reset the sort order of the fields back to the sort order in the List view by clicking the Add Display button.

If you add more fields in the 'Export to Excel' popup, they appear at the end (next to the column fields).

Export to Excel

This feature is applicable only to the Add Display option but not to the Add All or Add Profile options.

Reorder fields

It is now possible to adjust the sort order of the fields in the 'Export to Excel' popup window via the drag and drop functionality. You no longer have to remove the fields first and add them back in the correct sort order. You only have to drag the field you want to move to the new position and drop the field.

Rearrange fields

Note: Adjusting the sort order of fields in the 'Export to Excel' popup does not have an impact on the columns and the sort order in the List view.